Interpretation of the Jensen Z-Chair
Oak, Glue, Fabric and Cushion

Block Sideboard

64 x 18 x 30
Solid Walnut


Solid Roasted Ash

Sling Chair

Solid Cherry

Shift Desk

Walnut, White Laquered Oak

The Bends, Floor Lamp

Roasted Ash, Oak, Glass

Block Table


Parallelogram Shelf

Ash, Aluminum

Smooth Bench

3D Printed, Powder Coated PTD

Bone Table

Sectioned Plywood, Paint, Lacquer, Glass

Organic Chaise

Black Walnut, Wool

Flow Chair Acrylic


Surfboard Shelf/Console

Plywood, Aluminum

Unfolded Desk

Sectioned Plywood, Glue, Lacquer

Cube Table

Plywood, 3D Printed PLA, Resin

Cube Table 2.0

Molded Plastic, Resin / Plywood, Resin

Moon Chair

CNC Plywood, Foam Cushioning, Leather

Any Chair

3D Printed Joinery, Plywood

Interlock Table

CNC Plywood, Paint, Varnish, Glass

Section Chair

Sectioned Ash, Hardware

Thom Long